Thursday, 27 March 2014

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Inspired Nail-Art!

Hi Guys!
As I love Harry Potter and nail-art,
I've decided to combine those two things and start a new series:
Harry Potter nail-art series!
I'm not sure how many designs I'll be doing,
but I'm sure you'll see some posts floating around every now and then!
I've allready shot the second one,
so there are definitely more to come!
But for this one I took the deathly hallows symbol and made a nail-art around it!
My nail-arts will be for short and long nails and really easy to do, so you can also do them with your non-dominate hand!

 I'm sorry for all the holes and dents, but I shot this post a day later than I made it, to be sure it looked more clean.
  I did the nail studs using nail polish and a dotting tool. I put a little topcoat on the tool and then I picked up a nail stud and dipped it into clear nailpolish and sticked them on to my nail in random shapes of three.

I had a little bit of problems on deciding how to do the symbol, but after a few tries I found out the best way to do it. I made a triangle with a black striper, and than I used a dotting tool to make a big black dot in the middle. When that dried up I used blue nailpolish to make a smaller dot inside it, because it's impossible to do a perfect circle with your bare hand, but's is possible using this method. Than I made a stripe in the middle, and I cleaned the striper and dipped it in the blue polish and I cleand up the edges of the triangle and made them a little bit slimmer.
This is my right hand, done with my left/non-dominate hand! (I smeared out the symbol a bit when I was taking pictures :-/)

The Nailpolishes I used!

My basecoat by Kruidvat (a Dutch drugstore)
A magnetic nailpolish by Kiko, but I didn't use the magnetic effect
The black nail striper I used by H&M. (It's says it's a 2 way nail-art because there is a nail-art pen in it and a striper)

A souble sided dotting tool, but I only used the bigger side
A LE nail-art wheel by Essence (it's from the LE Dark Romance)
The topcoat I used, also by Kruidvat
So that is the first post for my new series! Let me know below if you like this idea. I hope you enoyed this post as much as I lovd making it and you decide to try it out! I came up with all the designs I'm posting myself, so if you saw it before it's a pure coincidence. 
Do like the Deathly Hallows?
xXx Me

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