Monday, 31 March 2014

Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser (Aloe Vera) Review!

Hi Guys!
I am not a professional on the era of body care,
but I know I need to keep my legs moisturised for the summer.
But what is the best way to do this?
With a body lotion/spray/butter/moisturiser of course!
But I don't want to take half an hour a day to moisturise myself,
so what would be better than a quick and simple spray?
Today I'll be testing and reviewing this Spray & Go moisturiser by Vaseline!
Is this lotion for  €6,89 a new favourite?

The packaging looks fine to me! Strong, stylish and practical. That's how I like to to see it! I think you can read all the promises from the picture, but it comes down to that it should moisturise you quick, easy and good!

They also put thoughts into to the cap! It wont accedentily cover your whole bag in body lotion, because you 'turn' it open. So you turn the upper part to the right and the spray hole will reveal itself!
Instructions on the back! You just spray it on and rub it in. I'm a bit sceptical about aiming the spraying, but I'm staying open-minded!
Ingredients! A little hard to read, but you can read them here, on the official website.

This is the lotion! I've sprayed closer to the skin than needed, just to give you a better idea of the substance. It doesn't feel thick or greasy at all and it indeed absorbs quickly. Not as fast as in the commercial, but a lot faster than an average body lotion. Because it isn't thick, this product won't take care of your skin like a body butter, but that's normal for body lotions. The spraying system works great and feels lovely and cooling, however I would spray closer to the skin than suggested. Otherwise everything but your skin will be covered in the body lotion. Besides that the product works great!
It moisturizes good, smells very fresh and makes my skin feel very soft!

So, what's the verdict?

  • Not everyone likes the packaging
  • You've got to like the smell
  • A bit pricy for a body lotion (€6,89)
  • You need to spray close to the skin, or otherwise you moisturize all your furniture
  • Mineral oil
  • I really like the packaging!
  • Clear, easy and short instructions
  • Innovative and great working cap!
  • Absorbs really fast!
  • Makes my skin feel very soft and moisturized!
  • Gives my skin a healthy glow
  • Smells very fresh
  • Worth the money
  • I really like the substance (non greasy etc.)
  • Great and working spray system!
All with all I love this stuff and it is definitely a new favourite of mine! There are three versions, at which you can take a look here. You can buy this product at almost any drugstore!
Do you use vaseline products?
xXx Me

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