Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Harry Potter Nail-art: The Four Houses of Hogwarts!

Hi Guys!
Today I have another Harry Potter inspired nail-art for you!
This one's obviously inspired by the four houses of Hogwarts:
Hufflepuff (yellow & black), Ravenclaw (Blue & silver/white),
Gryffindor (red & yellow/gold) and Slytherin (green & silver)!
I also worked in a little hint of Quidditch,
with the (kinda deformed) snitch on my thumb.
This super simple and fun nail-art design will show your dedicated love to the boy who lived!

This nail-art is super easy and perfectly do-able also with your non-dominate hand. I did the checkerd design by wiping off my black striper and then just dipping it into other colours. Then a drew a horizontal and vertical line in the middle of my nail and just filled the two created squares. I used a liquid sand polish for Gryffindor on my ringfinger because Gryffindor is the 'special' house. For Ravenclaw I used a white polish first and than the silver one over it, just because the intensity of the silver isn't as much as Slytherin's. I didn't have the right green colour for Slytherin, so I just used a lighter green shade. For Hufflepuff I simply used my black striper.
 My left hand!
For the snitch I used a golden nail polish and dotting tool and after that I just atached two wings with a white striper. Simple as that!
This is my left hand, and as you can see it worked out perfectly fine!

The Nail Polishes I used:

My basecoat
By Catrice

I used this colour as a background for the snitch
A really old nailpolish, but I think it's called Monacco

My white striper
My black striper by H&M

That was part two of my Harry Potter nail-arts series! I hope you enjoyed it, and if ypu did please leave a comment below.
What is your house?
I think I'm a Gryffinclaw ;-).
xXx Me

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