Monday, 7 April 2014

Maybelline Color Tattoo 65-Pink Gold Review!

Hi Guys!
I have an exciting review for you today!
I love pink eyeshadow and cream bases,
so what is better than a combination of both?
I'm sure you have already heard of Maybellines Color Tattoo's (€9,99) and how good they are,
so I wanted to see how well they would work for me!
Is this a hit or miss?

The packaging looks good! Need, stylish and minimalistic. It's only a little weird that the text is printed on the bottom, like you can see on the picture. Because of this, the product will be laying in your stash with the bottom up, which is a little unusual.

Wow! The pigmentation is amazing! I love the colour, the shimmer and the texture! It feels applies like butter and when it is dried, it doesn't move anywhere anymore. It doesn't dry too fast, so it you can blend it very well! You can go all out and apply a thick layer or just use a little bit for a more natural look. It's also good on it's own, but I like to set with an eyeshadow and apply a highlighter and a crease colour. With or without eyeshadow(base), it doesn't crease! I don't know if it lasts 24 hours -because I take off my make-up before I go to sleep- but it at least lasts for the whole day! It also is a lot cheaper then -for example- a mac paint pot (about €20,00) and I don't see a big difference between that and this base which is around €9,99.
  The color tattoo on it's own

This is the look I made! As you can see the base looks amazing! Here I've applied two eyeshadows over it and a highlighter in the center. I absolutely love it! It's heavier then I wear it to school, but I just wanted to show what you could do with it. 

So, what's the verdict?

  • You might find €9,99 a lot for a cream base
  • I can be hard to neatly use the product/it can be hard to keep the packaging clean.
  • It lasts the whole day
  • Perfect as a base or just on its own
  • You can use the bases as eyeliner too
  • The colours are pigmented amazingly!
  • The bases are easy to blend
  • You can apply the colours super easy
  • There really worth the money and they're a lot cheaper than some cream bases
  • The packaging is neat, practical and stylish.
Overall, this is a really multifunctional and it works amazingly!
What is your favourite color tattoo if you use them?
xXx Me

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