Tuesday, 15 April 2014

How To: Fix a Broken Powder!

Hi Guys!
As you know,
I love my Essence powder (click here for the review).
It has one problem tough: the packaging is super crappy.
So of course I dropped it and it broke.
Little did I know there was a way to fix it.
Today I'll be showing you how to fix your broken powder!

What do you need?

 Of course you need your broken powder. This can be anything (a blush, highlighter, bronzer etc.). But if it originally was in a cardboard packaging or the packaging broke, I would put it in another packaging first.
 You also need alcohol. No wine or beer, but medical alcohol. I think any percentage will do, but 95% will work the best. Since we only had 70% I'll be using that.
Last but not least you need a spoon/spatula/knife! Later on you'll also be needing a tissue and brush. You can already use the tissue now if you want to.


 First gather all your pieces of the broken powder in one packaging. If you're lucky you don't need to assemble all the pieces...
The next step is kind of unlogical, but mash the powder even further. You can do this by just using the spoon, but you can also lay down a tissue out over it and then squash. You don't need to crumble the powder into dust, but the pieces need to be fine enough to be easily mix.
For the next part you really need to put a towel -or anything else to provide things from getting too messy- under the powder.
Now add the alcohol! You really need to feel yourself how much you need to use, because it depends on the amount of powder. I would suggest to just start with a little and then you can keep adding more until it's enough.
When everything is mixed up spread it evenly over the packiging using a spoon, knife or spatula and clean the edges of the packaging. Leave it to dry for a couple of hours.
When the powder has almost completely dried, lay out a tissue over it and press the powder down to get some of the left-over alcohol out of it. It also was a pressed powder before it broke, so now it becomes one again ;-). You don't need to worry about alcohol in your powder because eventually it all will evaporate.
When the powder has completely dried just brush it off and you're done!

So that is the how-to for today! I'm sure I will use this method more often ;-).
Have you ever used this trick?
xXx Me

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