Monday, 5 May 2014 Harry Potter Shoplog + Wand Reviews!

Hi Guys!
I have two little sisters,
and we're all potterheads.
Since my smallest sister almost has her birthday,
me and my other sister decided to order her present on,
and of course we couldn't resist to order something for ourselves!
So here you can check out our shoplog and some mini reviews!

So let's start with the little presents we got! I you couldn't tell, this is a mug from the Hogwarts house Gryffindor ;-). This mug retailed for € 10,45, which isn't very cheap, but also not expensive. In general, all the harry potter merch is really expensive, so we were lucky with this mug. I was worried that this mug would break during shipping, but when I saw how steady the packaging was, I knew I had been worrying for nothing.

 To give you an idea of the size

The pen and the bookmark also cost € 10,45. Now, I don't think the bookmark with Dumbledore on it isn't very special, however the pen is a really fun gadget. It took me some time to figure out how it worked (no cap, no turn or click system etc.), but when I figured it out I thought it was really cool. The pen and bookmark are of good quality, so I have nothing to complain about.

When I recieved this € 1,95 magnet, it was kind of a bummer, because I expected it to be a lot bigger. So I looked it up on  the webshop to see if it said any measurments, and it did. This product was literally titled "Harry Potter Refrigerator Magnet Gryffindor Crest 5 cm". Oops, guess it was my mistake ;-). Other than that the magnet looks good!

 The box my sister's wand came in.

 The inside of the box.
 The contents! (The key originally didn't have the green rope on it, but my sister all ready secured it to hang it on a key chain and I didn't want to take it off.)
The illuminating wand is pretty thick and long in comparison with the non illuminating wands.
  The leaf that is the biggest and pops up must to the front is a button to adjust the brightness of the light.
 The tip provides the light!
 The detailing looks great! (Except for the black text on the wand)

 The Bottom of the wand which you can open using the key to put batteries in it.
 Opening the bottom with the key!
The wand is opened! You need two AAA (or better known as penlights ) batteries for this wand.
This was for ourselves, and it costed my sister € 46,95, which is rather expensive. But in return for that you get a good quality and good looking flashlight. The first thing I noticed was that the box is different from the ones on the product pictures shown on the website. This isn't a big problem, but I'm just not sure why that happened. Other than that the wand is great! It feels very light but strong (it's made of plastic). As I mentioned, it is lighter, longer and thicker than other wands, but I know that's for the mechanism to fit in. The light is very bright (you can tame it down if you want to), but it is as good as, or even better than an ordinary flashlight. When you wave the wand doesn't always directly go on, so you have to figure out the best way of waving it first. I would suggest that you use the key to loosen the bottom part before you put it away, so the wand doesn't accidently turn on when you tap the box. Overall my sister is really happy with her wand!

 My wand! My all time favourite Harry Potter character is Luna. First I wanted to get the Fleur Delacour wand, but then I decided on this one. Let's have a look at it!
 The made in China sticker kinda brings down the authenticity of this wand, because it wasn't cheap...
 The box! The box is a lot longer than the wand itself, but it looks very nice and luxurious.
 I had some trouble opening up the box at first, but I succeeded!
 When you open the box you see this foam layer which covers up the wand.
 The name tag that comes with it! It was wrapped in paper to protect the wand at first, but I didn't think about making the product pictures and threw it away.

The name tag can be clipped on the wand like this.
 The most important part of the wand!
 To give you an idea of the size.

 This wand also has the ugly writing on it. Ugh... Why couldn't they just leave it out?
 The wand's tip.
 Okay, one last shot of the tulip...
 ...Or not! This what the top of the tulip looks like.
How I like to display the wand.
So this is Luna Lovegood's (second) wand! I don't really know what's the difference between the noble collection wands and the character ones, but this one is from the character edition. The first thing that came in to my mind when I first picked up the wand, was that it is a lot heavier than i expected it to be. It isn't heavy,but it has a good descent weight. I am really wondering what material is used to make these wands, because it feels heavier than plastic but lighter than iron. It sounds like wood when you tap it on something, but you can see that the wood pattern is painted on and the wand slightly sticks to magnets. Please comment if you have any idea! In general, I'm really happy with my wand. Of course it doesn't do anything special, but it's the kinda 'emotional' value (god that sounds dramatic) that makes it special. I think the wand is really fragile, but I won't be throwing it around to test that statement ;-). The wand is worked off really nice and it looks really pretty, but I feel like the clip with the name tag isn't done so neat. But besides that I'm really happy with my purchase (I bought it for €31,95)!

The shipping with went really well (it was delivered in shorter than a week and it all was packed neatly, steady and good). The prices were good value (there was a sale on the character edition wands, instead of €36,95 I payed €31,95) and the webshop looks neat. Shipping to the Netherlands costed €7,50, which isn't expensive.

So that was my shoplog, I hope you enjoyed it!
Have you ever bought merch for a franchise or anything else?
xXx Me

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