Friday, 9 May 2014

Harry Potter nail-art: Luna Lovegood!

Hi guys!
Yes, I know:
My blog is flooded with Harry Potter.
So wasn't going to share this nail-art with you,
until it turned out better than I thought it would!
I'm sorry if you think I'm posting way to much Harry Potter related stuff.
I promise I will be more sparse with these posts in the future!
But for now I will be sharing a nail-art inspired by my all time favourite Harry Potter character with you:
Luna Lovegood!

 Just in case you don't know what these little pictures resemble, from left to right: Luna's wand, the spectrespecs, her butterbeer cork necklace, and a Dirigible plum, which she likes to wear as earrings. By the way, on these pictures I'm holding Luna's second wand, click here for more pictures and information.
 My right hand! I have average control over my right hand, but whenever I'm trying to do something with my left hand it shakes an awfull lot, so I wasn't able to do the black outlines here.


The Polishes and Tools I used!

 This polish is by Catrice and I used it as a basecoat.
 This polish is from a Limited Edition by Catrice.
 This polish is by Essence.
 I used this nailpolish by Catrice over the yellow colour on my ringfinger.
 Another nailpolish by Catrice!
 This polish is by Pure (or Douglas), I used it for a glass of the spectrespecs. Click here for my review about this polish.
 I also used this colour by Hema as a glass of the spectrespecs. I actually wanted to layer another lighter purple polish over it, but I completely forgot.
 This polish is by Miss Sporty.
 This colour is by Hema.
 I used spare glitters from this amazing topcoat by Essence for the chain of the butterbeer cork necklace.
 This nailpolish is by Essence.
 Another polish by Catrice!
 I used this super pretty glitter topcoat on my thumbs.
 I used this black H&M polish for the outlines! I didn't actually use the striper, I had a seperate brush for that.
 I also didn't use the brush from this striper by Essence, but I did use the nailpolish.
  The topcoat I used by Kruidvat (a Dutch dugstore).
 The nail decoration wheel by Hema. I used the dark blue rhinestones on the chain of the necklace.
The dotting tool I used.
The brush I used. Not the best quality, but good enough. I have no idea where I got it.

So this was my latest Harry Potter nail-art! I hoped you enjoyed reading this post!
Who is your favourite Harry Potter character?
xXx Me

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