Thursday, 22 May 2014

NYC Lash Curler Review!

Hi Guys!
Today I have a beauty tool review for you!
I don't have short lashes, but I do have a have really straight lashes.
So a necessary tool for me is a lash curler.
Now, I had one I really loved (click here if you want to see it),
but it got really dirty and broke,
and that's why I had to buy a new one.
This is actually the first NYC product I bought,
so let's see what impression NYC leaves behind on me!

 Overall, the packaging looks really neat, and way more professional than my first curler. Bonus points: an extra pad for in the curler!

Instructions on the back! I didn't know you needed to wash the curler with soap, but we keep learning! Also, it looks like the model in the picture doesn't have spring on her curler. Not that it bothers me, just a little funny thing to notice ;-).
 The curler looks really chic in comparison to the budget variants I've seen, and it also feels really strong. Cleaning it is very easy, so it stays really clean!

 Made in China!

 In the pictures befor this one, you might have noticed to little plastic strap to keep the ends of the curler together. It is really necessary, because this it what it looks like without the strap. The spring makes it really hard to curl your lashes properly (so you need to squeeze tight to bring the ends together), but it also gives a really natural curl. Not an angular one like I'm used to.
 The extra pad that comes with it, really usefull!
The curl lasts very long, I would say the whole day. Of course it lasts longer with mascare on top of it, but I haven't tried using it without topping it off with mascara.

So, What's the verdict?

Overall, this lash curler is a good purchase! Different then what I'm used to, but defenitely not bad. It costs about four or three euros, but I'm not shure because I find a lot of different prices online. I'm just worried about losing the plastic strap, but that's a problem for later ;-). I'm really curious to try out more NYC products!
What lash curler do you use?
xXx Me

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