Tuesday, 10 June 2014

D.I.Y. Fimo Lipstick!

Hi Guys!
Today I'm sharing probably my favourite fimo D.I.Y. with you.
This super adorable miniature lipstick!
Do you want to know how to make this using fimo clay and nailpolish?
Then read on!

What you will need:

  •  White and red fimo clay.
  • A clear and black nailpolish
  • A dotting tool and a little brush
  • A utility knife!

The additional polishes for this charm are:

  • White
  • A bright and/or pastel pink


To start off, take your white and red clay, and roll two little balls out of it (about the size of a gumball).
It's time to shape the lipstick case using the white clay (or pastel pink of you have it)! Just kind of feel how long and wide you want it to be. You can just press the ball down a bit, or you can roll it a little flatter first.
For the lipstick self, roll out a tiny (fat) sausage, and press it down on a flat surface like this.
Now take the same colour of clay you used for the case, roll a small sphere and press it flat, so you can lay it on top of the case. After that also place the lipstick on top.
Time to bake! Just follow the baking instructions given on the package of the clay you're using.
This it what it should look like once it's out of the oven!
Painting! I used a dotting tool for the eyes and cheecks, and a little paint brush for the mouth.
Glaze it using topcoat or regular glaze and gice it a lot of time to -air- dry (I suggest overnight), and you're done!

Tadaa! Now you have your own super cute minature lipstick! You can make a charm out of this by putting an eyepin in it before baking, but you can also just use it to decorate your desk! Let me know if you enjoyed this tutorial by commenting down below!
Do you have any minature lipsticks or glosses?
xXx Me