Thursday, 9 October 2014

Polymer Clay Update!

Hi Guys!
If you follow this blog, you will know I've posted a lot of simple polymer clay ideas.
Since the last article in those series, 
I've made some pieces that are a little bit more difficult.
As it are quite a few, I thought it would be a nice idea to share them with you!
If you follow me on instagram (@lolovelolita),
you have already seen most of these.
Anyway, let's get started!

Harry Potter Themed!

 (A short and incomplete overview -I forgot to put the Ravenclaw tie in this picture)
This is the first more complicated piece I made! If you're a Potterhead, you will recognise these as Luna Lovegood's radish/dirigible plum earrings! This is the first piece I painted, so as you can see there's a lot to correct on that era. I also made it a little fragile, so some curls broke of the leaves. I really like these tough!
Luna herself! This is the latest piece I mase, however a piece of the wand broke off, but I have a better picture if you scroll down a tiny bit...
  I love this because of multiple reasons, the first one being Luna Lovegood is my favourite Harry Potter character! This is also the first charm on which I didn't use paint to create the face. I only used white paint for the stripes on the tie. I love the 3D effect it gives! This is also the first one I made without picture reference, and I think it turned out pretty well...
 (Yay for 3D facial details!)

This is -I think- the simplest one of them all, but I still think it's super cute! Mainly because  it's a miniature version of the tie of the best Hogwarts house... 

This one's inspired by the feather the Hogwarts students have to levitate by using the spell 'Wingadium Leviosa'! I'm sorry for explaining that. What's special about this one is that is the first on which I used a gradient and the first piece I textured. It looks cool if it's close, but from a distance it looks like blue lips with a black stain on it, but I still like it.

The Rest!

 I really only have 2 other charms... ;-)

 I automatically love you when you recognise this one! I would say my absolute favourite TV-Show is Sherlock, so I decided to make him for my first character charm. I think for a first, it turned out pretty well. Between brackets, I make my eyepins myself, but I only have very thick iron wire, so the eyepins might not look very elegant...

This is the first necklace charm I ever made! You can clearly see this when you turn it over, because the eyepin pokes out partly... I can also see some small mistakes with blending, mixing the clay and removing the fingerprints. Luckily from a distance you don't see it, and it looks pretty cute!  
So that are all the new charms I made! I hoped you enjoyed this little update and all the pictures. Please let me know if you want a tutorial on any!

Besides that, my sister and I were thinking about starting an Etsy shop, in which we will be selling charms like this, knotted bracelets, scarfs and more cute handmade things. What do you guys think? Just thought I would ask your opinion.
xXx Imke

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