Wednesday, 15 October 2014

MUA Matte Lipstick Nectar Review!

Hi Guys!
Nectar is the name of the drink for the Greek and Latin Gods.
Nectar, that's also the name of this lipstick.
Since we have MUA for a little while here in the Netherlands,
I decided to review this lipstick for you.
Will this lipstick have the godly effect on me like nectar did on the Gods?

This is the overall exterior of the lipstick. It looks classy with the glass bottom and the shiny ring, but then the white plastic -which is the biggest part- looks cheap and brittle. However it only costs £1.00 (€1.26 in the webshop, but € 3,49 in stores), so for the price it thinks it looks relatively good. 
Update: I accidently dropped it and the cap broke, not so good after all...
I have shade 16, nectar. I think it looks really cute and girly, but not too pink. I also want to mention that is was really hard to get the shade right on camera, so I'll mention whether the pictures are accurate or not. This one is for example accurate.
A cool extra on this lipstick is the little glass container on the bottom which contains real lipstick! It's same shade as the normal shade, but it's still pretty cool, just because it is. The colour is accurate on these pictures.
These are the most accurate pictures I shot of the actual stick! I really love the colour, and I think is looks really smooth and soft, that is, un-applied. I'm excited to test this one!
As you can see, the lipstick is very pigmented and matt. I really like it! While swatching it also feels kinda 'draggy' but not to much. Just a little, but still creamy enough for normal application.
On my lips! My lips are very sensitive and dry, so a matte lipstick makes that stand up. However, I you have perfectly smooth lips, this would be perfect for you! It lasts really good (up to 4 hours), and can survive a small meal. It dries my lips out a little bit, but I still like it! Not to flashy for my taste, but still cute.
All together, I really like this lipstick! It's more expensive then when I would've bought it in England, which is logical (the lipsticks are eg. not made here). It looks cheap, but the colour is nice and it lasts long, it can drie out the lips a bit, but it's only three euros and a half. 
It didn't have the godly effect I hoped it would have, but it think I would be able to enter the Olympus with this!
xXx Me

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