Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Lip Balm Sweet Orange H&M Review

Hi Guys!
I only have two serious addictions: the Internet & Lip balms.
So when I saw this giant glue-stick sized lip balm,
I didn't see a reason not to expand my collection.
Added to that it was also only €2.00, so it was basically over for me.
Now let's see if was worth my two euros.

On the picture above you can clearly see it's size. Compared to that, 2 euros is almost nothing, so I'm not expecting to much (but however I hope it surprises me). The packaging isn't really what I like. I think it looks cheap and childish. It does -however-  feel steady, and I really think it is inspired by a glue stick. So overall, the packaging isn't doing much for me.
On this picture you can read the ingredients. I don't really see any good ingredients, except for beeswax and sheabutter. But since it says 'with sheabutter' on the packaging, I think they could have put a little more of it in this balm. On top of that, the main ingredient is mineral oil, which I don't like. If you are wondering why, here is a article about it. I just don't like mineral oil, so I don't know how often and if i'm going to be using this lip balm.

The balm has a really big diameter, so applying can be really quick, but also really messy if you're not careful. Besides that, I must say it smells really good. You can smell the orange well, and it's also really sweet. I really like to smell it. ;-)
It leaves my lips soft, but since I don't like mineral oil, I'm a little cynical about it's working.
All together, I don't like this lip balm. It is cheap, smells amazing and feels good, but the rest (and that's still a lot), I don't like. I think it would be a nice present for a little sister or someone like that, but if you want a really good and moisturizing lip balm, I can't recommend this product to you.
What to you think about mineral oil?
xXx Me

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