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Fake-Up Undereye Concealer by Benefit Review!

Hi Guys!
Today, I'm bringing you my first review of my new favourite brand: Benefit!
I was on a trip to England, when I discovered shopping on the boat was tax-free!
I tried really hard, but I couldn't hold myself back from grabbing a few high-end favourites...
I basically live and breath concealers, so I got (in my opinion) the most intersting one by Benefit!
It's supposed to be an ideal concealer for dry patches, and since I 'suffer' a lot from those,
I really wanted to test this one out!
So let's see if this concealer is worth my $24.00!

 So first of all, let's just say, I think the packaging is already worth $24.00! It's honestly so gorgeous! I love it, even the  cardboard feels sophisticated. The swirly letters and random swirls with the cute pink are completely my style!
  (Yes, I love it so much, I'm going to post multiple pictures of different angles...)
  So this is the part I'm really looking forward to! I do occasionally have problems with dry skin, but there's just no way to cover it up! I always just end up using regular moisturiser, but it isn't the prettiest solution (it usually looks greasy/shiny and doesn't cover up the redness of my irritated skin). Using concealer is a no-go anyway, because it dries even more, and accentuates the dryness by settling in my skin. So let's see if this solves that dilemma! 
The next few pictures are just going to be the box from all different angles, so you can read all the information!
Apparently this concealer contains vitamin E and apple seed extract to hydrate your skin. I am a little bit worried that this poduct will be a bit greasy though (because of the hydrating part), and greasy products usuall settle in fine lines... Let's hope this isn't the case!
These are the ingredients! If I'm honest, it doens't really mean much to me. But if you know ingredients very well, and it is important to you, here you go!
  I got the shade 01 light, because I'm quite pale, and I like my undereye concealer to be at least a shade lighter than my normal concealer. This is probably the best match for my skin as well, but I always go for the lightest concealer shades anyway. This concealer comes in just three shades, so I think there's definitely no match for every one... Click here to see all of the shades.
It looks so fancy from the inside as well! It has this cool black/pink pattern and a little divider with  description and the concealer itself! I already love this just for its packaging... We're slowly getting to the core!
   This is the little manual description with tips & tricks you get with (most) benefit products. It's not always as extensive as this (the High Beam one, for example, is really tiny). I really like these, even if it's just for how cute they look!
   What it look like on the inside! It basically explains how the concealer works and how to apply it. I've tried this with multiple primers (even the POREfessional one), but in my opinion it works best with in combination with the Baby Skin Primer (I also like to use Lidéal CC cream and Lidéal Whitening Double Powder on top of it). In combination with that primer it stays on flawless and perfect the whole day, but on it's own, at least for me, it surely doesn't stay on flawless the whole day.
Since the picture above this one isn't very clear, I found this picture that explains the idea of this concealer! The outside, clear rim, is de hydrating stuff and the midddle part is the actual concealer. I think it's a very innovative and an orginal idea, and I'd like to believe it works. It does, however, mean that you get a little bit less concealer, but if it works, I'll be able to forgive that!
DUN DUN DUN... We're finally onto the product itself! At first, it looked a bit like a lipstick to me, but I really like it! It looks very fancy, and for some reason I really like the font...
(for size comparison)
  So this is what it looks like in real life! Very neat, sleek, and in my opinion, effective. The tube is easy to hold and to work with. 
    When I first started to use this concealer, I just swiped it all under my eyes, and then blended it with my ringfinger. Now, a few months later, I like to say I've perfected my technology... I first apply my primer of choice (usually the babyskin one), and apply the concealer only to the darkest part of my circles (the part closest to my nose), after which I blend it using a beauty blender. Altough I like using my fingers because of the warmth, I feel using a beauty blender is the easiest, looks more natural, and it also absorbs any excess product.
  Can we tak about this cap? I love these swirls! I think it just adds to the feel of the concealer so much! It might not be your style because it's so girly, but it know it's mine!
   You use this concealer just like a regular lipstick: by twisting it out of the packaging. Although it's not very hygenic, it is very functional. It does, however, also mean that you have as much product as a regular lipstick. Which isn't much, concidering only the inner circle is actual concealer. I also think, without the cap, it looks a lot less high-end. But the cap is on it most of the time!
This is the concealer after I swatched it once. Now, months after first using it, it hasn't gotten any better: the two only get mixed up more. On a positive note though: I find that the mixing doesn't really matter. You will get the same effect as when they are seperated. It just doesn't look as pretty, but on the other hand, who looks at that?
  Swatching time! I love the texture of this concealer! The stick doesn't 'drag' along the skin, feels very silky and it's just creamy enough. It looks quite matte, but I use a powder over it anyway to ensure durability. The colour is quite yellow, which is good for me, since I have a yellow undertone, but I've you have a more pink undertone, test swatching before buying is always a good idea.
      (My Make-Up-less Eye)
     (With the concealer!)
As you can see this concealer isn't very high-coverage, but gives more of a natural and almost a no-make-up look. But since I go to school, and I lack more sleep than I'd like to admit, I usually like to go for something high-coverage. So I just use this is a base concealer, which means I always have to apply something on top. However, this concealer  is a great base, and amazing for when I want a really natural look, so I can forgive that. But that still doesn't take away that this cost me $24.oo, and I think I can expect a little bit more. So it's a great concealer, and I love to pieces, but I don't think I will repurchase. I really want to try out the erase-paste, but let me know if you have any recommendations!
As for durability, I wish I could tell you different, but I really can't wear this concealer just on its own. It's amazing in combination with other products, but if you're looking for something that's very quick to apply and will stay on during the day, you might want to opt for something else.
For the hydrating feature: it's great to the extend that it doesn't dry my eyes and even hydrates them. But does it hide dry patches? In my experience, it doesn't. It's a little better than 'normal' concealer, but it still makes my dry patches stand out like cold sores.
  (Full-Face with the Fake-Up)
Overall, I love this concealer, and I think it's amazing! But do I think it's worth $24? I'm sorry, but no. It is a great product to splash out on, but not something I would recommend saving up for. I love (almost) every Benefit product, that's the same with this one, but it's just not my favourite. If you're looking for a great benefit product, I would recommend cult-classics like Benetint or High Beam. As for Fake-Up, I still use it every day, but I surely have mixed feelings. It's the best concealer I've had, yet, but I just think there are better and (most importantly) cheaper alternatives.
Let me know what you think in the comments below!
xXx Me
PS. A little extra: another non-beauty related favourite I picked up while I was in England! I've had Reese's before, and I love them so much, but these are the most perfect treats ever! It's a peanutbutter-chocolate match made in heaven... Also the fact that they're so tiny and unwrapped makes it easy to eat way to much of them...

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