Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Purple Friday (Dutch LGBTQ+ Event) "Make-Up" Look

Hi Guys!
I'm proud to say I'm a LGBTQ+ activist,
and here in the Netherlands we have an annual event,
where basically schools in the whole country try to get theirs students to dress in purple.
To promote LGBTQ+ issues, but also to let people know that being themselves is totally okay!
I personally love this cause, but I don't really have any purple clothes.
To commemorate this Purple Friday (the 4th of december) anyway,
I decided to do this make-up look !
(it's a little early, but hey, I any of you would want to wear this to school ;-))
I haven't done anything like this in a long time, so I hope you enjoy!

When I started doing this look, I wanted to make it into a tutorial, but after a while I realised it would be way to long for a blogpost, and I didn't really know what I was going to do yet... But I still have the first few pictures I took, so those will be in this post too! This article is basically going to be pictures of this look and me guiding you through them.

 Because I love the way it looks, I did some contouring with purple eyeshadows and high beam by benefit around my collar bones, and I also blended it into my neck, but you can't really see that on any pictures...
(Ps. I know that this isn't my best make-up look ever, but I just had a lot of fun with it, and I hoped you would enjoy it too!)
     There is like a 'story' behind this make-up, but it's kinda cheesy... I'll tell you anyway!
Basically, the cracks on my fore head (yes, those are supposed to be cracks) represent a kind of old 'facade' crumbling away, revealing a much more beautiful and happy version of myself. I am not gay myself (because thomas brodie sangster), but I also don't think I can predict who I will fall in love with (because emma watson). The purple represents the lgbtq+ community, but also rarity and in some weird way wealth, because don't think you need money to be wealthy: happiness/being yourself will also do.
Now that the serious part is over, let's continue!
   Real talk though, I really never do (extreme) liquid eyeliner, and I was so proud that I succeeded in my 1st try, because this was also my first time doing the pointy thing in my inner eye corner...
 I did the eyeshadow by sticking a piece of tape along my lashline like this, and just blended some purples, blacks and pearles into my crease and on my eyelid. When I removed the tape, I had a neat and sharp edge! I realised later though, that it would have been easier if I had left on the tape for a bit longer and did my liner the same way... I didn't do that, because I realised to late, but if you're trying to get a clean line, definitely try this trick out!

(I'm sorry, I just love these eye shots...)  
 This is quite accurate to what I look like if I would do my make-up too early in the morning...
    This is the last one! Thb I don't really know what the purple thing under my eye is...
 And now on to the thing I actually love most about this look: the lips!!! When I finished the eyes, I thought, "how am I ever going to match a lipstick with this?", because I have around 8 lipsticks I actually like and use, and I crazy purple one is not one of them.
  A week prior to this, I had ordered some La Splash Smitten Waterproof Lip Tints (which, btw, I'm absolutely in love with), and I'd noticed eyeshadow stuck on very well to them. I had previously applied a bit of gold eyeshadow on top of the shade Hermione, and it didn't come of the whole day. So my mind went Ding Ding Ding, and I applied the shade Hermione again, let it dry for like 20/30 seconds, and then applied eyeshadows on top of it using my fingers and an angled brush, and I loved the way it turned out! 
  I used a random matte black from an old nyx palette I had (I talk about it in this really old video- please excuse the accent, I swear I have improved-), and the Freedom Makeup  Mono Eyeshadow – in Brights 230. I love this eyeshadow so much! It looks so holographic and honestly pulled the whole look together.
(I also don't know why my foundation looks so mismatched in these pictures, but it's probably because I blended the purple into my neck)
  So this is a very very akward picture of me, but I like the way the make-up looks here...

Tutorial 'Leftovers'

  Enjoy this creepy and frightening picture of me without eyebrows...
(I don't have a tutorial on blocking my eyebrows but click here for a good one)
   I'm convinced this one's even creepier..
Here I did my eye brows with a dark matte purple and the freedom make-up one. I also blended both colours down my nose and did foundation & concealer. I'm not sure if this makes my face less creepy though...
  And then a did all the important steps off-camera but I did show the almost finished eye make-up (after this picture I also blended black under my lashline).
I basically did a purple cut crease using the tape trick & the black, dark purple, the light purple  and then blended a white and pearl on my lid & inner corner.
After that I felt it was lacking something so casually I did the most dramatic liner I've done in my entire life...
   This look was basically based around one eyeshadow: the Freedom Makeup  Mono Eyeshadow – in Brights 230. I got this for free when I ordered the La Splash Smitten Lip Tints in Hermes/Hermione & Inflamed of (which I both absolutely love, let me know if you want to see a full review). And for a product I got for free, it is absolutely amazing! I used it for my collar bones, contour, eye make-up, and even to colour in the big random thing I have on my face. So this is an absolute recommendation!
So that's that! Have you ever had a random urge to just do something with your lovely but unused make-up items? Please also let me know if you liked this and if you would like to see more of these kind of posts! Have a great Purple Friday!
xXx Imke

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